Friday, February 6, 2015

Sperm whales

'just a shorty blog post....

 sperm whale skeleton

Dominica has a resident sperm whale population. Several whale watching tours leave the bay we are moored in, and we can see where they go.... about 3-4 miles due west of us; and we can hear the skippers chat between themselves on the VHF radio as they locate the whale pods. We may just take Serenada out to join them one day....

Pictured above is a sperm whale skeleton which can be seen inside the Anchorage Hotel by Rosseau. This whale was hit by a ship and washed up on the shore of a nearby bay. It was buried in the sand, above the high water mark, for two years decomposing, before it's bones would be salvaged. The process of excavating, cleaning, bleaching, drying and reconstructing the skeleton took another year! They are not the ocean's largest creatures - blue whales and fin whales grow bigger - but they are impressive none the less. I wonder if we'll ever see a live one?

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I look forward to your blog everyday - Enjoy all your adventures. Been to Cozumel in early Jan and off to Roatan the end of the month.
    Need alittle sunshine to warm up - not bad today but going back to minus 20s again.
    Was up to see my daughter Kate and her family - they have 3 kids now and the youngest is 4 months - a little cuddle bum. Good visit.
    Glad your kids and their partners were able to get down and spend time with you and Gil.
    Take care and keep writing - enjoy your trip very much