Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dominica's Titou Gorge

Titou Gorge

Gil's back was feeling better.... well enough to get himself off the boat.

We had thought we'd go for an easy hike, and chose to go to the freshwater lake. It is situated quite high, but the city bus would do all the climbing, and we would walk its' flat perimeter.

We both had our noses stuck in books, however, and didn't leave the boat until after lunch (a late lunch at that). The ride over to the dinghy dock was short, and the walk into town and to the bus stop was about 15-20 minutes. There must, however, be only one bus that goes to Laudat, Dominica's highest town, and the drop off point for the freshwater lake hike. When we got to the bus stop, the bus driver was busy repairing one of his tail lights. It was dangling from the back of his bus, and it appeared he was working on its' electrical connections. We have come to accept that here in the islands "it is what it is," and so we patiently waited. In time, the driver got his tail light reassembled, and then went through the process of checking that all the lights (running and brake lights) were functioning correctly (this entailed ambling between the dashboard controls and the back end of the bus a few times), before he then reinstalled the tail light fitting. We knew we'd be on our way soon. Well, for the driver, that was enough work to work up an appetite. He reached into his glove box and pulled out his lunch! We had to remind ourselves that "it is what it is." It really was quite a while before this bus finally left the bus stop! When it did, I sensed we weren't traveling in the direction I expected to go to Laudat. I was correct. After repairing the tail light, and having his lunch, we were now headed to his home where he would top up the diesel (from a drum, using a siphon hose)! This is life on island time.

When we finally got to Laudat, we ascertained that there truly was not enough time left to complete the freshwater trail and get back to the boat before dark. So we went to plan B, and chose instead to visit Titou Gorge, a shorter walk away.

At Titou Gorge there are a couple of waterfalls, but to see them, you must swim through an unobtrusive little opening....

and along the length of the gorge....

to reach an opening where the falls are visible....

 There are two waterfalls, and to reach the second you must clamber over the first.

It's quite unique and very refreshing! The water is deep in the gorge, and you cannot stand. It made taking photos quite a challenge, as you must simultaneously tread water! Quite a bit of exercise, but I found the whole experience invigorating (Gil waited for me on land). It made up for the bus ride.

Between the bus stop and Titou Gorge there was a pipeline that we found interesting, because it was made from wood.

a wooden pipeline?!

Fortunately, the reverse process of taking the bus back into town was much quicker; ... 'with the same bus & driver, by the way. I'll leave you with a few images of the town of Rosseau, Dominica's capital.

one of many street vendors


a city guy

sign out front of a pharmacy

aptly named, Flamboyant Hotel

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