Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Caribbean smelts (Ballyhoo)

Caribbean smelts - Ballyhoo

While sipping on our morning coffees, the current led a couple of local fishermen alongside Serenada. We had been watching them, as they strung out their nets; threw what looked to be shotputs out from their boat (to keep the fish schooling within their nets); one of them jumped in and snorkeled around the perimeter of their net while vigourously slapping the water (again to keep the fish schooling within their nets); while the other slowly drew the net back in, while at times tossing an oar into the water (to keep the fish away from openings between the nets as he drew them in). What were they after?? Ballyhoo, a surface swimmer. We just had to try them. Gutted, descaled, battered and fried, they tasted alot like the smelts we used to scoop out of Lake simcoe!

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