Monday, February 3, 2014

Blackpoint Settlement, Great Guana Cay (Jan. 31 – Feb. 3)

We moved another 10 miles closer to Grenada J, to Blackpoint Settlement on Great Guana Cay. We sailed this short distance, but because the wind was on our nose, we had to tack often, and the resultant ‘zigzag’ route we took, had to have more than doubled the distance! It wasn’t a quick trip, but it was a good sail. We arrived near dusk.

Blackpoint anchorage

I thought our previous anchorage at Staniel Cay was crowded (with about 40 boats), but this place has at least 80 boats!

Blackpoint’s claim to fame amongst cruisers is its’ laundermat (that’s how the owner spells it), the best in all of the Bahamas ….. and going there was at the top of my list, and everyone else’s! Kim, Serena & I all went together – added a bit of fun into that chore. It was here that we found .....

Dave Jewett’s boat card! Dave hails from Hawkestone Yacht Club, our home sail club, and he was down here a couple of years ago with his dirty laundry too! We’ll leave our boat card here also, so Bob & Ross can entertain themselves when they stop here for laundry in a few years ;-)

The cruisers here get together for sundowners on a point of land  which offers a great view of the sunset. Though we haven't seen it yet, we've been told by other cruisers that the "green flash" can be seen here .... we'll just have to keep going to those sundowners until we experience this phenomenon. 

It was here that we reacquainted with Brian from Afeica (another fricking expense I can’t afford), who had earlier introduced  himself  to us, as he had recognized our boat, Serenada. He wasn’t supposed to be here, but his boat’s transmission gave out on him when he was nearing Georgetown; and this anchorage was the most manageable to get into under sail only. A bad day for him and his wife, Leslie, who chose to decompress on the boat rather than join the rest of us for sundowners. I think I’d be socking them back in the same situation.

We were treated to a double rainbow while sipping our coffees in the cockpit on the morning of Superbowl Sunday. Much more spectacular than the game itself. I felt for Peyton Manning.

We went for a stroll with Rob & Serena, and Guillome & Gwen to see the 'white horses' (white cliffs) and a blow hole, and have lunch on the beach.

Serena, Rob, Guillome (hidden), Gwen & Gil

There were several local Superbowl parties, and we joined Jorge & Kim, and Brian & Leslie & Bob (a friend of theirs) to watch it. The satellite TV reception was very poor, so that was probably a blessing LOL.

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