Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Farmers Cay (Feb. 6-9)

I left our blog posting at Blackpoint settlement ….. hmmm…..’gotta jar my memory…

Gil & I felt like having a little quiet time after Blackpoint.  It’s surprising how quickly the cruising ‘family’ grows and how social everyone is! Too many happy hours – who’d have thought that was possible?  So we found a quieter anchorage at a place named Whitepoint (no settlement there), where we just enjoyed our own company  for a couple of days….. walked the beaches, baked cookies, started to preview charts for what lies ahead of the Bahamas, etc.   Though we were keeping to ourselves here, we had some unexpected company. Wilma & Barry from S/V Syrena recognized our boat’s name, and came over to introduce themselves. Wilma went to high school with Carol (& Ziggy) from our home sail club. Small world.

the giant clam at Whitepoint

From Whitepoint, we sailed on to Little Farmers Cay, a very charming place, which grows on you. 

Class-C sailboat racing at Little Farmers Cay
There are only about 55 residents here (Gil’s family is bigger!). It’s apparently the 2nd smallest Bahamian community, and they actually have their own flag, and their own song. We were fortunate to arrive here for the Five F’s Festival (Farmers Cay Festival on the First Friday of February), which features Class-C Sailboat racing, crazy contests, music, dancing and food … all here in paradise. Those Five F's could also stand for Fun, Fun, Fun...

 Serena participating in the wet t-shirt contest!

 role reversal contest

 everyone just chilling

 the parking lot

Ty's Sunset Grill

more C-Class racing

C-Class racing - entertaining to watch - no harnesses!

It was amazing that a community of  only 55 residents could draw in so many people for their Five F’s Festival – there were well over 100 boats anchored around this small island (which measures about 31/2 mi. long by about 1 mi. wide). Ty’s Sunset Grill, on the beach, drew a crowd. It was here that we met Hugh Nicholson, who knows Gil’s brother, Francis. We know Hugh as the crazy Canadian guy who solo sailed a 26’ boat with an outboard motor down here. Francis would know him as the guy with the huge septic tank at 23 Boblyn Rd. in Balm Beach.

Gil found fish for purchase… one night we grilled a red snapper; and another night we grilled a grouper.
red snapper for the grill

With Jorge & Kim, we hiked in to explore a nearby cave, which had a pool of water inside, big enough to snorkel in (though we didn’t); and followed that with a picnic lunch up on a hill.

Jorge & Gil blazed the trail into the cave

stalactites? stalagmites? I never remember which is which?!

Jorge, Kim & Gil leaving me behind in the cave

huge osprey nest on Oven Rock, Great Guana Cay

Rob & Serena surprised us with their announcement that they will be heading back north form here L, so we had them on board for ‘The Last Supper’  (the grouper). They will be missed; but we’ll stay in touch through our blogs (we follow each other);  and hope to see them again when they return south next year.

For the first time ever, Gil & I witnessed the “Green Flash” with the setting sun. I actually filmed it, so you might be able to see it also ….


  1. it all sounds wonderful! I think of you all the time. and ya. wish I was there :-(

  2. Must have been an exciting sunset...