Thursday, January 30, 2014

“Piggy Beach” and Staniel Cay (Jan 29 – 31)

Gil’s back was straighter, and he felt he could travel. He still wasn’t sitting, and he was in no shape to do any lifting. So, we picked a calm day to relocate; towed the dinghy; and had the crew (me) haul up the anchor. As the winds were light, we motor-sailed about 2 ½ hr. to “Piggy Beach.”

This anchorage is huge. There are so many boats here, and what’s fun about it is that we’ve met many of them along the way. It almost feels like a homecoming.  Jorge & Kim arrived here ahead of us, and were still here; so they came to our boat for happy hour …. as Gil’s having to avoid the dinghy while he’s nursing his back, so we didn’t have the option of going over to their boat!

“Piggy Beach” is so named for the swimming pigs that are resident here.  I had to see it to believe it, and they really do swim, and they’re actually quite quick. We’ve been told that they can get aggressive and have actually tried getting into peoples’ dinghies!

swimming pigs @ Big Major Spot

"what's for dinner?"

Jorge & Kim gave me a lift into town, where we walked to a little picnic area situated underneath the local BTC tower, so we could blog J.

I just couldn't resist taking this photo of Kim & Jorge...
and they live together on a 36' boat?!

I’ve baked more breads. I tried being a little more creative, and substituted a cup of oatmeal for a cup of flour, and added some sunflower seeds into one loaf (OK, but a bit more crumbly), and using another dough for pizza instead of a bread loaf (that worked well).  I used our last egg on an upside down peach cake.  The frig and freezer both have a lot more room in them now for keeping our drinks cold. 

Staniel Cay

We came to see the swimming piggies, but Staniel Cay is also one of the few places in the Exumas where you can actually do some provisioning. So, while we were here, we refuelled, filled up our water tanks, got rid of our garbage, and picked up some groceries.

Actually, I had a Diana milestone moment here at Staniel Cay. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but because Gil's back was out and he couldn't manage getting in & out of the dinghy, or handling the bumpy ride in the chop ..... well, I finally had to drive the dinghy without Gil as my chauffer. I had to do it because the supply boat with the fresh produce comes but once a week, and the grocery shelves are pretty much emptied by the following day. I can go out solo now :-)


  1. Diana, tell Gil to read the Water book I gave you. There is a chapter about the spine & Water. ;)

  2. I am guessing the pigs are wild? Left over from the Spanish Passing through? Would love to know.