Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Visit to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary on Bequia

The walk from Bequia's dinghy dock to the sea turtle sanctuary will be remembered as Ralph's Hash, as it was well over an hour each way, and not easy on Ralph's (3 score plus 10) joints.

Joe, Gregg, Ralph, and a local guy at Bequia's dinghy dock

Ralph's Hash - over an hour each way

Along the route we stopped to check out the lunch menu at a lovely sea side restaurant, where I was impressed by their lighting fixtures, made from driftwood, coral, shells & sea glass...

A retired free diver started up the sea turtle sanctuary to help the endangered Hawksbill turtles. He raises the hatchlings until they are 5 years old and their chances of survival are then better. 

Hawksbill hatchlings, about 4-8 weeks old

Hawksbills at 1-2 years

Hawksbills at about 5 years

I'd have petted him, but might have lost a finger!

ready to be released

We stopped for lunch at the Firefly where most of us chose their specialty chicken roti; though Gregg tried the coconut encrusted lion fish (delicious), and Ralph stayed with his comfort food of burger & fries.

trimmed palm fronds set off the table settings at the Firefly

chicken roti for lunch

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