Saturday, October 4, 2014

All That Jazz

On the first Friday of each month, the museum in St. George's hosts an evening of jazz and poetry. It's open to all - locals, cruisers, new artists and those more experienced. Some of the music is rehearsed, and much of it jammed. The likelihood of hearing once and only compositions is quite high. We've always been impressed with the talent on this island, given its' population of only 100,000.

barefoot - they're cruisers!

locals and cruisers together

1st time on stage together

tenor, alto & soprano saxes

The evening was shared with many others, among them Guilloume & Gwen on Slow Waltz, and Ralph & his visiting daughter (Lara) and son-in-law (Anise) on Nightwatch. We missed crazy Greg from Serenade on the base guitar, as he and Joe are not back from Trinidad yet.

In other news, the heat down here has been broken by the Carribbean snow...

I've taken in a few morning yoga classes and another game of Grenadian dominoes....

Grenadian dominoes at Roger's Bar on Hog Island

...and got a smile from this pup...

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