Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Saints

Our sail from Guadaloupe to The Saints saw confused winds and seas. The winds especially were fickle, changing direction and quite gusty - very frustrating for us sailors, as that means we're constantly having to adjust our sails (ie. work!). We sailed in the company of Slow Waltz, Serenade, and Pavo Real.

The Saints is a quaint group of islands just south of Guadaloupe.  We moored in the bay in front of the town of Bourg des Saints, on the largest island, Terre D’en Haut. It is a captivating little seaside village.

the doctor's office has a naval theme

 colourful shutters

 beautiful gardens

cute critters

view of Bourg des Saints and the harbour from Fort Napolean

Fort Napolean, built in 1867,  stands on the hill just north of town, with  a spectacular view of the harbour.  It has been magnificently restored, and was a pleasure to tour. 

Guadaloupe in the background

 Fort Napolean

 Guilloume looking for Gwen again ;-)

 Tony, Guilloume, Gwen & Gil on the right of the moat

headed back to our boats 

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  1. Oh we found the Saintes to be our verrrry favourite stop off point.I got a great haircut there.It is such a little piece of France.Loved the goats too.Sue