Monday, May 19, 2014

St. Martin – St. Barth’s – Nevis – Montserrat – Guadaloupe (May 15th – 18th)

A favourable weather window opened up just after Curt flew home. It was important that we take advantage of it to head south. We need to get out of the ‘hurricane box’ before hurricane season. The hurricane box is huge. Our boat insurer requires that between June 1st to Nov. 1st we are either north of Norfolk, Virginia or as far south as Grenada. We are heading south of course J but we have much ground (er, water) to cover to get to Grenada.

We have spent much of the last several days traveling: from St. Martin to St. Barth’s (May 15th), to Nevis (May 16th), to Montserrat (May 17th), to Guadaloupe (May 18th).

St. Barth's - Columbia Bay


Nevis & Redonia Rock

 Serenada passing by Montserrat's active volcano
(photo courtesy of our friends on Slow Waltz)

 a combo of steam, dust & ash from Montserrat's volcano


 lava took half the town 

on the beach in Guadaloupe

the anchorage and the town at Deshaies, Guadaloupe

breaking surf on the beach

Gil, Tony, Gwen & Guilloume

Gwen & Guilloume 

the hike back to the boat

took us to new heights (huff, puff...)

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  1. Glad you had a great time with Curt---weather might not of been so great for the end of the visit but still good times with the kid.
    We just got back from babysitting Pete's 3 grandkids for a week had a blast with them.
    Bryson and Jenny just bought themselves a home in London and get ownership on the 20th of June looking forward to going down and see them in their new home.
    Kate is feeling well #3 due end of august. We were over there trying to cut up all the trees a bad wind storm knocked over. Got to go back and finish up 4 trees left and a lot of branches and sticks to burn---will get done.
    Enjoying your blog
    Take care