Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waiting for Weather

It seems we've been doing a lot of "waiting for weather."

After the kids all went back home, we stayed put in Grenada for close to a week waiting for the winds to abate. A small weather window opened up on Thursday-Friday, Jan. 8th-9th and we had planned to take advantage of it to get up to St. Lucia. The passage was not the most comfortable - it was quite 'bumpy,' and we were concerned about all the torque forces being exerted on our davit system by the swaying dinghy. We aborted plan A and detoured into Chatham Bay on Union Island. En route,  Gil hooked his third mahi mahi! I helped with the gaff ... I'm now 3 for 3 on my gaffing score.

Gil's 3rd mahi mahi (41") with the lure he used

We again "waited for weather" for an entire week in Chatham Bay. It's not a bad place to be - great beach and great snorkeling, but no internet! I tried in vain to pirate WiFi from the endless stream of megayachts and cruise ships which came and went from Chatham Bay.

Alas, staying connected with the world at large was not to be. We were however, content with the world in Chatham Bay... watching the fishermen at work, snorkeling, getting around to a few boat jobs, and submersing ourselves in the TV series Homeland.

 rub a dub dub ... SIX men in a boat!

The winds and waves finally settled enough to allow us passage again, and we had a fast sail from Union Island to the island of St. Vincent. Gil trolled a line and before we had our second cuppa finished, he had one hooked! It was a barracuda, but it got away when Gil was about to unhook him. Lesson learned - always use the gaff. The opportunity came later the same day, when Gil hooked another barracuda! I'm now 4 for 4 on my personal gaffing score card, and that barracuda ended up in our freezer.

We shall be away again early in the morning, and hope finally to reach St. Lucia.

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