Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beach Day

A picturesque trail led us from the town of St. Anne’s, along the coast to L’Etang des Salines (Salines beach), a very popular spot amidst Martinique’s beautiful southern coastline.

With the crews of Slow Waltz, Serenade, Nightwatch and Kook Kat, we hiked the 2 hr. there (and 2 hr. back) to enjoy a few hours at this magnificent beach.  Once there, we met the crews from four of the “family boats” (Rafiki, Del Max, 4 Coconuts, La Jeune Mois) who had done the same, and were a little ahead of us on the trail.

We had all packed lunches, not knowing there would be any other options for us; but hidden away off the beach, just behind the rows of palms, were numerous vendors. Some of the guys were happy to grab a cold beer!

My favourite vendor did not have a small booth. The ring of an ice cream truck could be heard coming our way, and on the path through the trees emerged….

Selling coconut ice cream made on the spot! Heaven.

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  1. Hello Di&Gil - We had the pleasure of owning Serenada for 3 years 1997-2000. We bought Serenada in Amherstburg in July and sailed her to our former home on Georgian Bay. We moved aboard in May the next year and lived aboard for the next two years, and sailed Serenada to the Bahamas and the Keys. Everyday was magic and even now 15 years later we often reminisce about our sailing days on beautiful Serenada.
    Judy and Blake Capps
    Kemptville, Ontario