Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cat Fish 14 Regatta

The Grenada Yacht Club hosted a regatta this weekend for Grenada’s Gouyave Sailing School. It was the first year for this event. I was chatting with one of their volunteers, who told me that a past Canadian (sailing) Olympian helped to found this school. He also donated the mould, rigging and sails for 17 boats – 7 of which are made to date (it's the first year for this school).  All of these boats (Cat Fish 14) are the same except for their paint jobs. Most of the crew were teens. It was fun watching the action….

a very exciting (close) start

we thought #3 was going down, but they recovered

 starting to spread out....

#9 takes the lead

 the upwind stretch

 in the zone

the home stretch (#7 won)

a close race

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