Friday, September 5, 2014

Back in Grenada

Well, we ran out of propane ..... so we chose to return to Grenada. Refills are so much cheaper and quicker in Grenada. We had to suffer through two mornings without coffee, and one cold dinner. I know that won't shower any sympathy down on us ;) as that's about as bad as life gets for us down here.

I have to confess that all I had left in the freezer were 4 hotdogs; and the laundry hamper had been overflowing for days; so it really wasn't just the propane situation that motivated us to return to Grenada. Needless to say, our first little while back here was spent with housekeeping activities - not the sort of stuff for blogging.

Today, however, we had some adventure. With Jorge & Kim, we went hiking again. It had been a while since we'd been on a good trek. For the first time, we chose to go on a 'one way' hike - that is, we were not returning to our point of departure. We started at Grand Etang Lake and made our way to the Seven Sisters waterfall. I confess that I was a little nervous about doing this. The trails here often seem to disappear, and there are no trail guides or maps available.

This trail was challenging .... steep, wet and slippery, with lots of 'sticky grass' (though it looks harmless, this grass has fine barbs and it literally sticks to you and leaves you bleeding), shoe sucking mud, and places to ford.

 in the rain forest during rainy season - wet & slippery

 best go down backwards or crab walk it

 when we lost the trail, we looked for the yellow ribbons

 a chance to wash off the mud!

I hoped we wouldn't get lost and have to eat mushrooms....

Thankfully, we reached the Seven Sisters waterfall without incident. I was very glad to see them. We'd been there once before, and were familiar with the remainder of the trail. Here, we enjoyed our packed lunches and a cool refreshing swim. 

It was here that we met Telfor Bedeau, a Grenadian legend. Telfor has climbed every mountain, every trail and pathway in Grenada, clocking well over 10,000 miles in his 52 years of hiking. He's ascended Grenada's highest peak, Mt. St. Catherine (2756') 200 times. He'll be celebrating his 75th birthday in October, and still continues to guide hikers and trekkers. The newlyweds he had guided to the Seven Sisters were from Ontario (London). I had recently read an article about him, and recognized him; so I just had to have my picture taken with him.

myself with Telfor Bedeau

These guys came to our boat because they were running low on fuel.
Gil gave them a gallon of gas, and they thanked us with their smiles.

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