Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hoisted the Sails (it'd been a while)

We'd been in Grenada for two months, and we were getting itchy feet to move again. Jorge & Kim had been wanting to visit the Tobago Cays, just north of Grenada, and asked if we were interested in doing the same. 

Captain Gil at the helm once again

So, we finally hoisted the sails again. I thought it would feel wonderful to be sailing again, but no. It was just OK. The wind was 'on the nose,' necessitating that we tack; and it took us 81/2 hr. to get from Grenada to Carriacou (it was only 6 hr. when we went from Carriacou to Grenada). We had some rain as well. It felt like a long day, but we arrived in time for sundowners. 

 St. George's University / Medical School on Grenada's shore

Gil's birthday's coming up, and he's been hinting at....

 so I've been shopping around....

but the budget constrains!

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