Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chatham Bay, Union Island

Chatham Bay

From Petite Martinique and Petite St. Vincent, it was a short 2hr. sail to Chatham Bay on Union Island. While here, we were “off the grid” (no internet) and so I have some catching up to do.

 beach at Chatham Bay

fishing net layed out to dry along the beach

 Gil taking a lesson in prepping fish to pan fry

smart fella .... why crawl up when down (to the water) is easier?
mom couldn't take her eyes off him!

Chatham Bay has a long sand beach and offers good snorkeling. It was here that I saw my first octopus and Gil saw a moray eel! 

a spiny lobster out from hiding

The fish life here is particularly rich and attracts all kinds of birds. 

there's always room for one more

a brown booby

feel that breeze!

While anchored here, a couple of the classic Windjammer charter sailboats came in and rafted up with each other behind our little Serenada. Turns out, there was a wedding being celebrated on board. That night, a huge bonfire was arranged on shore for the wedding guests.

Windjammer charter sailboats rafted up behind Serenada

ready for the beach bonfire

we had dinner out - just the two of us

We spent some time hiking on shore, and came across a couple of tortoises. One of the locals was telling us that they are considered a nuisance because they eat up their garden produce?!

healthy air plants

The sunsets were also mesmerizing ….. I never seem to tire of watching Caribbean sunsets J

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