Monday, July 7, 2014

A Dinghy Concert

 fishing boats line the shore along St. George's harbour

a partial rainbow over St. George's anchorage

After almost a month in the St. George’s area, we decided to relocate to Grenada’s southern shore, where many, many cruisers hang out for the storm season (until November).  Here, there are several anchorages to choose from. We passed by Prickly Bay, as we heard from several cruisers that it was ‘rolly.’ 
not much room left in Prickly Bay!

We chose to enter the next bay, Mount Hartman Bay, and once inside we chose the right fork over to Hog Island. Good choice! We had landed amongst several cruiser friends: Gwen & Guilloume on Slow Waltz, Greg & Joe on Serenade, and Ralph & Mary on Nightwatch.

Gwen & Guilloume stopped by, on their way into shore, and asked if we were planning to go to the dinghy concert. A dinghy concert?! Who could pass on that. We had to see what that was all about. So, when the time came, we followed Guilloume & Gwen, and the trail of dinghies…..

Gwen & Guilloume (just about to land, far left), followed by
Dalynn & Glen, then Alex & Dave, then us

In the middle of Petite Calivigny Bay, there was a 6-member band set up on a tug? or barge? which had floating docks attached on either side. Many, many dinghies were tied up to these docks, and to each other; creating a floating audience. So much fun!

A Dinghy Concert with a 6-piece band

I  was surprised to see so many familiar faces, of friends we’ve met along the way….

Glen & Dalynn and Dave & Alex

myself, Guilloume, Gwen & Gil


Hella & Flemming
(they crossed from Denmark - 27 days at sea!)

Ralph & Mary

Yet another perfect day in paradise.  We are sooo lucky to be living this life!

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