Sunday, June 1, 2014


From The Saints we had a good sail / motor-sail to Martinique, a very lush and tropical island; another with its’ peak in the clouds. It’s also well developed.

While there, we shared in a rental car with Guilloume & Gwen. They had sourced a needed bolt to repair their autopilot, and we had hoped to find the bolt(s) we needed for a repair to our davit system. Success on both counts!

We took the opportunity to meander around the island, and were quite impressed … another on our return visit list! I’m loving the French islands. Good food – baguettes, pastries, ice cream…. 

 he pulled up his trap beside us at anchor!

 the hills and valleys of Martinique


 bananas, bananas, and more bananas
 so lush

 more hills and valleys

 cashews? pecans?

We didn’t stay long in Martinique, as we’re pushing south to get out of that ‘hurricane box,’ especially while the weather’s been milder for travel.

St. Lucia's pitons

From Martinique, we had perhaps our best sail ever to St. Lucia – fast and straight and no need to use the iron genie. We anchored in front of the twin peaks of the pitons; but were off again early the following morning to get to Bequia. It was another good sail, but a long day – from 6am to 4:30pm – and we were glad to have the anchor down.

we sailed past St. Vincent

We shall stay a little while here in Bequia and rest. We’re very close to Grenada now. It’s only a day’s sail away!

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