Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Visit with friends from home

Monday, March 31st - Saturday, April 5th

As luck would have it, our arrival in Puerto Rico coincided with the vacation plans of friends from home (Nadrine & Bram, Anna & Mike, and Sharon) who had come to stay at a time share unit in Palmas del Mars on Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. 

Anna, Mike (who took the photo), me, Bram, Nadrine, Karen, Gil

They came to Salinas, where Serenada was anchored, and kidnapped us. They welcomed us to stay with them at Palmas del Mars, and we were more than happy to accept J.  Five days off the boat, at a great waterfront resort, with friends from home.

off the beach at Palmas Del Mars

this one's for you Amie - Ottawa 3330 mi. away

 Mike at work :-)

Sharon & Anna skyping Liz back home

We didn’t spend much time there.  They took us sightseeing ….

The day we were kidnapped, we continued west from Salinas to a beach in Guanica, within a nature reserve. To our dismay, we recognized the beach as one we’d been to from the anchorage at Gilligan’s Island! After our day on the beach, we enjoyed a seafood dinner (and the sunset) at an oceanside restaurant, before heading back to Palmas del Mars.  A great day, but a long one!

 Nadrine walking the beach

A couple of days later, we took the ferry over to the island of Culebra (1½ hr. trip) and checked out the world class beaches at Playa Flamenco and Playa Zoni. At Playa Flamenco, there were two wrecked tanks, remnants of the US military occupation of the island. There were also many “beautiful mountains,” or girls just wanting to have fun.  That day, the 7pm return ferry, left Culebra at 10pm  …. another great day, but it ran into ‘tomorrow!’

 Playa Flamenco on Culebra

"beautiful mountains" of Culebra
(can you find Bram?)

A visit to Puerto Rico requires a visit to its capital of San Juan, which is what Nadrine & Bram and Gil & I did on the ‘morrow.’ Anna & Mike and Sharon decided to stay at the resort and enjoy a beach day. Old San Juan dates back to the 1500’s …. it is surrounded by a huge city wall that fortified it and remains today. Inside Old San Juan are streets of cobblestones (originally ballast stones in the ships which came to her port), fountains and sculptures, and spanish architecture.  ….

 Nadrine at the gate to Old San Jauan

 the Wall surrounding Old San Jaun

 the gate to Old San Juan

 bad boy Gil

Bram & Nadrine in Old San Jaun

 While the four of us were having a good day in Old San Juan, Anna & Sharon were having a great day on the beach, enjoying the tiki bar J. We arrived back to their non-stop antics and laughter. I couldn’t believe they were both fine the next day!

It was great catching up with our friends from home, and sharing in their vacation; but all good things must come to an end. Saturday came, and they flew home, and we went back ‘home’ to Serenada.

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