Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not where we want to be

We left Salinas with CS'ta Time, LeeLoo & Serenade. Side note: we've been with Serenade for awhile, and we both double check our marina invoices, as our boats get confused with each other. We were all destined for Culebra, but the four of us ended up in four different places!

Serenade went back to Salinas after only two miles, as their coupler broke and they couldn't get their engine's rpm up past 1200 without alot of vibration.

We dropped out next :(   Our engine just sputtered and died. We had to abort plan A (Culebra) and create plan B .... we needed an anchorage we could sail into, which would provide us shelter if we were stuck for awhile, and give us access to mainland Puerto Rico. Fortunately, there was such a place - Roosevelt Roads, an old (abandoned) US Naval Base, and it wasn't too far from where we ran into trouble. We thought we had "sucked air" as I had been concerned about our fuel level. After the engine died, Gil transferred more fuel into the tank from our Jerry cans. Then, while he was bleeding the air , the bleed screw broke! #^*{\<€.

We had no issues sailing to anchor in Roosevelt Roads. While there, we sourced the needed parts; and we are now waiting on them; hoping for a Tuesday delivery. We now think though that we didn't "suck air," as after adding 2 Jerry cans of fuel, the tank is near overflowing. We're hoping our fuel filters just need to be replaced (Gil had added some biocide to the tank not long ago); and it isn't anything more serious. We'll find out after the bleed screw is replaced.

CS'ta Time made it to Culebra; and LeeLoo went on to St. Thomas. We had wanted to be in Culebra too. C'est la vie. We're not where we wanted to be. But there is no snow here, and we have a great view of El Yunque tropical rain forest, the only one in the US, and I finally beat level 147 in Candy Crush :)
El Yunque hidden by cloud in the setting sun

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