Monday, March 3, 2014

Turks and Caicos update

March 3rd

We had made plans to leave Sapodilla Bay with 4 other boats (Slow Waltz, Nightwatch, Simplicity II, and Lea Lou)  this morning, and head to South Caicos, across the Caicos banks.

Unfortunately, Gil & I aborted shortly after starting out. The winds were again stronger than forecast, and too much on the nose. We wouldn't be able to sail the bulk of the 45nm of this leg. We would need to motor-sail and/or motor. Our fuel reserves were not at a comfortable level for this. Though we have 3/4 of a tank - enough for at least 15hr - we've learned the hard way that motoring in choppy water with low fuel levels is asking for trouble.... any sludge built up in the bottom of the tank gets churned up and ends up clogging your filters and sputtering out the engine. We've done that once.

So, we watched everyone else go on ahead :-(  and we chose instead to go to South Side Marina, only 5nm east. We made the right decision for ourselves and our boat though. We filled up our fuel tank and all three jerry cans; as well as our water tanks; and did laundry; accepted the free ride out to the IGA grocery store; and had real showers! Oh, and took advantage of the WiFi too.

South Side Marina's antenna - a giant crow's nest - love it!

We hope to sail across the Caicos banks tomorrow. That will ultimately depend on the weather again. We hope to go to Big Ambergris Cay. From there, we'll cross the Turks Passage to Big Sand Cay; and from there to Ocean World in the Dominican Republic. Each leg needs the right weather window; but hopefully we'll be in the DR in a week's time; and get in some snorkelling while we "wait for weather."

It's been a long time since I've posted a blooper....

upside down?!

It may be a week or more before I post a blog again.... the stops between here and the Dominican are all remote little islands. 

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  1. Cruising so often is hurry up then wait.Exciting times with the steering quadrant for sure & hope it is fixed.Continue to sail safe.