Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keeping good company @ Ocean World, DR

The 62 meter (210') super yacht Sealyon arrived here today. I had to google it. $350,000 per week to charter and can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms. I wonder if they'll show up to Happy Hour and/or invite us aboard?

We are hoping to leave here today, but must wait for the FedEx delivery of our part first. It left Santiago before 8:00am this morning, and it's now 11:30am .... Santiago is only 1 1/2 hr. from here, so we are hoping it gets here anytime now. There is a good weather window to get to Samana and we hope we can get in on it. It'll be a 24+ hr. trip... another overnighter.

I ran into Vitalli, the crazy 31yr. Russian on Relentless, the 22' retractable keel sailboat with the 10HP outboard. He left South Side Marina in Provo the same day as us, and we hadn't seen him since, so I felt some concern for him. It was good to see that he made it to the Dominican. He just went to Luperon (an anchorage) a little west of here. He got here by motorbike.

Beach sand sculpture


  1. Somehow I cannot see your photos.Too bad for us.You can aleays get parts in DR & even find someone to weld things too.

  2. Just got caught up on your blog we were in Roatan for a week - good time but now back here in the snow again. Glad your having a great time--smooth sailing and take care. Georgie