Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eat your heart out, Colin :)

Colin, this one's for you....

For those who don't know Colin, he's our home club's most avid racer.

Serenada off to a good start

"Catch me if you can!"
(that's our little Serenada ahead!)

You're not going to believe this one. Gil & I can't believe it. We placed in the regatta!! It was the VI Caribbean International Abordo Regatta. We entered to get in on the free 4 night stay at the Puerto Bahia Marina. The award ceremonies were held tonight, and we placed?! We received a trophy (a copper sailboat) and a prize (a lazimar choker) for 3rd place. Who would have thought that mom & pop on a 32 footer could place?! We toasted handicaps ;) .... every boat is given a rating or handicap to try and level out the field, so it worked in our favour.

I was chatting with Hazel, another cruiser who was here when we arrived. When I asked her when did she arrive here, she replied May! Figuring she'd know where to get the best fresh produce, I asked about that too. She graciously gave me a lift (she owns a vehicle here) into town, to the local market.

Hazel in Samana's market


  1. Way to go..guess sailing part of the way around the world has improved and honed your sailing would not have got as far as you have if you were not good at what you do...congrats on the win and enjoy your prizes Georgie

  2. What is your PRFH? Racing with a boat equipped for cruising is a challenge.I bet you left the dingy ashore.If you get a chance sail acoss the Bay to the State Park where there are caves & petroglyphys like here in Ontario with great mangroves.