Saturday, February 15, 2014

Georgetown, Bahamas (Feb. 11- 15, and counting)

Georgetown - a forest of masts

There’s a forest of masts here in Georgetown. It seems that every cruiser stops here. Some stay all winter; some stop only to reprovision and pass on through to the Carribbean. We’re not sure how long we’ll be staying. Georgetown will be hosting its’ 34th Annual Cruising Regatta Feb.27th – March 6th  …. not sure if we’ll still be here, but it’s possible. This is a social spot. Every cruiser we’ve met along the way, except for the few who’ve turned back north, seems to be here.  We finally caught up to Blair & Edith on S/V Kind of Magic, the 3rd boat from our home sail club also headed further south.

CS'ta Time & Kind of Magic in Georgetown's harbour
'neighbours at home and abroad

What have we been up to here? Visiting other cruisers; catching the blog up, as there’s good internet in town; Gil’s made a better (cable) harness with which to raise the dinghy up on the davits; we’ve acquired used Caribbean charts – traded beer for them; hiked up one of the hills and walked one of the ocean beaches; attended a Valentine’s dinner/dance….

Annie, Kim & I 
a rest after the climb 

a huge nest of termites? 

One night, a squall passed through and dumped rain+++  .... look close inside the dinghy .... 'glad it didn't sink with all that water inside! Gil's bailing with a hand pump.


  1. You are getting tooooo comfy in GT.It will be hard to pull the anchor for moving on