Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I want a GoPro

I want a GoPro. It’s a compact underwater camera/video recorder which takes amazing pictures. Rob & Serena shared some of the pictures and film clips they took with their GoPro….

Rob and Serena in their snorkel gear
"Come on in guys!"

Monday, we snorkelled around West Bay, more to get some practice in than to see tropical fish. We checked out our anodes (eroding), checked out our anchor (not set well), checked for barnacles (not too many), and even spotted some starfish, sea cucumbers, and colourful fish.

Tuesday, we headed for the Exumas. Gil & I had some issues raising our dinghy back up on its’ davits, so we decided to just tow it behind us, and deal with modifications later. We figured we needed about 9 hr to get to our destination (Allan Cay), and did not want to arrive in the dark … no time to fix things.

Though we left at 7am and arrived at 4:30pm, it felt like a much longer day. The seas in the morning tossed us around. Fortunately, they did settle as the day wore on. To keep to a speed of 5 knots or better, we did have to get out the iron genie (motor) for better than half the day. We were both glad to reach Allan Cay, but too tuckered to celebrate finally arriving in the Exumas!

Now we shall putter and lolly gag. Slow down. Snorkel. Visit the iguanas these cays are known for, and whatever else. Stay tuned J

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  1. are you guys OK ?? Need to post something....worried about you