Sunday, January 5, 2014

Good News & Bad News

We’re crossing the Gulf Stream today!  J

Finally, a weather window has opened up for us. It’s a short (overnight) one, so we’ll only get to Bimini. We were contemplating a longer passage which could take us further east to the Berry Islands, but there are lingering squalls at this end, and there are strong 30+ knot northerlies coming in too near the time we’d be getting to the Berry Islands; and it’s just not worth the risk of running into them. So, we’ll settle for the safer shorter passage to the Biminis.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we’ll be sailing out of the reach of Verizon’s service area, and we will have no phone service, and therefore no internet link (I’ve been able to tether our US phone to our computer until now). Hopefully we can procure a new service/data package through BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation) that will allow us to keep blogging from the boat …. otherwise, we’ll be constrained by WiFi access points. I’ve no idea where or when we’ll get a BTC package. We may have to wait until we reach Nassau.

So, that’s also a heads up to everyone. Don’t go thinking we’ve capsized because I haven’t blogged …. it just may be a while before we get a Bahamian phone/data package (I’m presuming I can get one) and I’m able to resume blogging. 

Until then, stay healthy and happy. We’ll be in touch again.

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